Birds are nature’s miracle. They are such beautiful coloured and expertly structured fine specimen of nature that it makes the person stare in awe of it. A single person cannot witness all the beauty of birds even if he tries to. Animal and birds expert have spent their whole lives in documenting and counting the kinds and species of birds, but every day a new kind more beautiful than ever and more vibrant in colour than any flower fly out in the open and make everyone astonished. Even though birds are something that is beautiful and fragile, they are meant to be out in the wild and open. They cannot sustain in the hustle and bustle of the city and domestic areas, still, many of them find their way and come on roaming in the cities. People obviously welcome them with open arms, in fact, they like to keep birds as a pet in houses made especially for birds. Humans like to stay in touch with nature, even if they cannot afford to do so, so in the quest to bringing nature to themselves, they get pets and wildlife creatures in their houses. This situation is not at all favourable for birds and requires the quick action plan of bird control.

Some of the measures government and general public could take to work towards bird control are mentioned below with detail.

  • Non–domestic 

The government should pass a law by the authorities to prohibit the public from keeping any kind of bird in their houses as pets. This can be a revolutionary step towards bird control as it will affect the demand of birds in the house and help to control the population.

  • Migration 

There is an abundance of birds that have adapted to life in the city and are pretty much seen roaming around the streets and domestic places. Sparrows, pigeons, crows and other small birds are seen everywhere throughout the city sitting on trees, building and park benches. The government should take measures to help them migrate towards the forest and open wild areas so that they can live peacefully there.

  • Public awareness 

A public awareness campaign should be started on all levels including print and electronic media highlighting the danger of them prevailing in the domestic areas. Necessary steps required for bird control netting should be advertised and communicated properly to the masses. This will make them more conscious of their surroundings and more considerate towards the environment.

  • Prize announcement 

People are responsible but they also like to get rewarded. The government should devise a plan that can honour and facilitate the public if they make considerate action towards bird control. The government should announce a set price of prizes and gifts to people who are responsible enough for helping the government in bird control.

Today with the increasing population and limited resources, people are domesticating areas that were not meant to be domesticated. This is affecting the wildlife and bird population on the whole and a reason why birds are spreading in the cities. For more information, please log on to